Starting from no more than just a vision to provide a comprehensive, informative guide for the community, UNRAVELLING PLACES was launched in September 2013 after more than two years of research and development. Now UNRAVELLING PLACES takes pride in providing high quality fun services for the community via its interactive social online services.

UNRAVELLING PLACES is an Australian owned business, situated in central Victoria.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide an online service that embraces our belief that everybody has the desire to have fun and enjoy life, no matter what their demographic or social belief. We believe in continuing to develop services that will embrace our core values and interests of delivering positive fun, entertainment and interactive social services for all.


Just like charities and Non-For-Profit organisations supporting our local communities, UNRAVELLING PLACES believes in supporting our community too. This is why we offer Totally FREE REGULAR Listings in the Search Results sections of UNRAVELLING PLACES Services Guide to; Australian Registered Charity Organisations or Australian Registered Non-For-Profit Organisations, that are NOT Registered for GST. Conditions apply, see Terms & Conditions.


UNRAVELLING PLACES is committed to supporting local communities and organisations that share our core values and interests of providing entertainment and support to the community. UNRAVELLING PLACES provides advertising space (Listing and Display advertising) within the UNRAVELLING PLACES Services, as well as services towards activities.

While UNRAVELLING PLACES would like to support everybody, we do need to assess who we can. If your organisation would like to know more information and guidelines for the selection process that UNRAVELLING PLACES follows, then please contact us via the customer support page.



Working at UNRAVELLING PLACES provides a team environment where all members play a part in developing future online entertainment and media services.

A successful business man once said;
“I might not be the smartest person.
This is why I surround myself with smarter people”
(Unknown source)
UNRAVELLING PLACES believes in the philosophy 
that everybody has their role to play in service delivery 
and the development of a successful business.

Current Positions Available

Please continue to check this space regularly for any positions that may become available.


If you would like to introduce yourself with the view of working with UNRAVELLING PLACES in the future, then please send your cover letter outlining why you think you would be an asset to the UNRAVELLING PLACES team via the Customer Support page.