Whether your customers are locals or visitors from afar, UNRAVELLING PLACES Services has been designed with the customer in mind, allowing the user to easily search what they want throughout Australia. Simply choose the location, date and begin the power of unravelling local venues, activities or your next big adventure.

So what's on this weekend?
What about the next long weekend?
How about that next Australian holiday adventure?
Then UNRAVELLING PLACES will help your customers discover you.

Explore the produce market or discover an artist. Take in a festival or cabaret show. Perhaps indulge in a little shopping or a massage. Sit back and enjoy a meal or the aroma of a winery. Maybe adventure is for you? Then how about white water rafting or hang gliding. And is that accommodation close at hand?

Simply, unravel what you want.


As an Advertiser you have the flexibility to promote your venue, events, festivities and activities and to create your Listings to meet your own requirements;

  • Maintain your own listings and update at anytime
  • Create multiple Listings
  • Provide a detailed description of your venue, event or activity
  • Upload images
  • Map depicting your venue, event or activity location
  • Create a BOOK NOW link to your own website booking page or booking providers page
  • Create a link to your website
  • Allow customers to contact you via our e-mail form (Your e-mail address isn't disclosed to the User)
  • Add a Star Rating and Prices From guide (Accommodation categories)
  • Add a Ticket Pricing guide (Shows, Events, Attractions, Arts)
  • Create a Quick Reference Guide (Accommodation and Eat categories)

The reality is that the possibilities of how you can use our services are only endless by your imagination.


Just like charities and Non-For-Profit organisations supporting our local communities, UNRAVELLING PLACES believes in supporting our community too. This is why we offer Totally FREE REGULAR Listings in the Search Results sections of UNRAVELLING PLACES Services Guide to; Australian Registered Charity Organisations or Australian Registered Non-For-Profit Organisations, that are NOT Registered for GST. Conditions apply, see Terms & Conditions.

Yes that's right, totally FREE and nothing to pay in the Search Result sections of the guide. So what are you waiting for?


With the ever changing internet presence, UNRAVELLING PLACES offers Advertisers a cost effective way of creating a strong online presence which directs customers to you.

You hear it all the time, and you probably ask for it too.

I don't want to spend a cent unless I see results.
Well, that is what UNRAVELLING PLACES offers.

  • Create FREE listings in the Search Result sections of the Guide
  • Create REGULAR Listings or SHOWCASE Listings with the peace of mind that with UNRAVELLING PLACES you’re only paying for results. Your credits are only deducted when a user clicks on your short listing to view the FULL listing page

On top of this, we believe we have some of the most cost effective rates in the market place.




Is there a limit to the amount of listings I can have?
There is No limit to the amount of listings you can have at any time. Your MY UNRAVELLING account has been designed to promote all aspects of your business services and events. Though promotional listings must be applicable to the category it is being placed within.

Is there a time limit that I can use the Free listings for?
There is No time limit and if you choose to, you can always use our service totally for free.

Why do we offer totally Free listings?
We want to be a comprehensive guide and the only way we can achieve this is by offering totally free listings, as this fits within everybody’s budget!

Is it possible to remove a listing from public view?
Yes, all listings can be removed from public view and stored in your own MY UNRAVELLING account for future reference if required.

Can I edit my listings?
Yes, you can edit your listings at any time and as much as you require.

Does my listings have any stats?
Yes, your MY UNRAVELLING account records the stats of how many unique visitors view each of your listings. In addition for listings that utilize the Booking Button URL feature that links to their own booking page, the stats will be recorded for this as well.

What are Credits?
You will require Credits if you want to place upgraded listings types with the additional features.

How are Credits used?
     Charities & Non For Profits that are not registered for GST account holders
     The SHOWCASE listing type will use 1 credit when a user views your full detail page.
     (The user clicks on the short listing to view the full detail-listing page.)

     All Other Businesses, Organisations, Groups, Clubs and Individuals account holders
     The REGULAR listing type will use 1 credit, where as the SHOWCASE listing type will use 2 credits when a user views your full detail page.
     (The user clicks on the short listing to view the full detail-listing page.)

If I have Credits in my account, do I have to use them?
No, you don’t have to use your Credits. The system has been designed to ensure that you are in full control of your Credits and which listings are using your Credits. In addition you can change between the listing types at any time.

Do my Credits expire?
No, the Credits do not expire and will remain in your account until used.

What happens to my listings when my Credits run out?
When your Credits run out, your upgraded listing will be automatically displayed as if they were your free version of a listing. Your additional information is retained in your MY UNRAVELLING account listing item in case you decide to purchase more Credits at a latter date.

As the account holder it is your decision if you want purchase more Credits. Which also means that there are no nasty unexpected invoice surprises from us.

Can somebody run down my Credits by continually clicking on my listing?
Our systems have been developed that only unique visitors are recorded as a Click / Credit usage. Our system can see who is viewing your listing and only 1 Click usage will be recorded for that particular day.




For more information please contact UNRAVELLING PLACES team via one of the following methods;

     E-mail via the customer support page

     or by speaking with a customer support team member

     Telephone       03 5422 2273         Int. +61 3 5422 2273



  1. Click on the “NEW ACCOUNT APPLICATION” button below to register your business, charity or Non-For-Profit organisation and follow the simple account application process.
  2. Once your registration has been approved, you re ready to create your own Listings to start using the benefits of our Services.
  3. Simply logon to your Advertiser-MY UNRAVELLING account via the Advertiser Login at anytime to create, review and update your Listings or to update your business details to ensure the most current information is provide.